This is my personal blog so I can ‘bug the world more and my wife less’.  My career has the always had me straddling business and technical worlds – a vestige of me being an engineer with a business degree.   My work career has spanned managerial positions in several large NYC companies (American Express, Citigroup, JPMC ) and several technology start-ups.  Most recently I have been a core member of the management consulting firms of Bridge22 and Tasnady Associates.  And also launched a business with my wife – The Lyn-Genet Plan and a nutrition and exercise planning web app  in conjunction with her third book – The Metabolism Plan.

I am currently studying machine learning applications and learning how to apply my background in data mining to this burgeoning field.

History with Technology:

My first programming languages were BASIC, Fortran and Assembler.  My lastest languages – Ruby and Python.  My first PC which got me through grad school at MIT was a DEC Personal PDP (PDT-11/150) –  an 8-bit computer the size of a large microwave.  My latest one – a Raspberry Pi Zero is the size of a pack a gum and has 8000 times the core memory of my DEC.  I have had a good dozen Macs and every windows operating system but Vista.   The spreadsheet has been my favorite business tool – ever since Excel adopted Pivot tables.    But Lotus Improv remains my sentimental favorite spreadsheet program – I still miss its natural language array formulas.

Today the worlds business and technology  are more intertwined than ever.  With this comes more familiarity, better designs, but potentially more risk.

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