My favorite fun feature of ChatGPT – intelligent titles.

When you start a new chat in ChatGPT it automatically saves it in your side navigator. Kind of like a google doc. But after a couple a seconds – when you have put in your first request, it automatically creates a title. In Google docs – this is only pulled from the first line of your doc (when you click on the name). But ChatGPT does it intelligently (and automatically). Here is my first entry from a post today – I put it into a google doc to illustrate the difference – Google just pulls from the first line. Chat mainly pulls from the last line, but in a pithy way. I wonder if it could do tabloid headlines next?

First EntryGoogle doc Default TitleChatGPT Default title
In the US federal government we are having issues with classified documents being found in insecure places – often mixed in with high ranking politicians personal items after they leave office. Sometimes, the national archives is aware that classified documents are missing and makes efforts to track them down, but in other cases, the classified documents can be found years later without any warning that they were missing. Why is this such a mess keeping track of classified documents?In the US federal government we are having issues ….Classified Documents Tracking Mess

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